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Award-winning artist Kimberley Kohan, is Canadian born and has lived in Australia for 40 plus years. Her art is mainly inspired by the Kimberley region of the northern part of Western Australia. She lived and worked in that state, more particularly the remote  area of the state referred to as the 'outback'. Kimberley still returns regularly.

Kimberley’s style of artwork has often been described as ‘Contemporary Realism’. While the three mediums of oil, gouache and pastel allow her to create different outcomes, the common thread through all the paintings is the richness of colour inspired by the colour of the Australian landscape. 

Kimberley regularly travels through the northern part of Australia, as well as had the opportunity to visit Mongolia and Singapore, through the course of her work. In each place she finds inspiration whether from the colour of the Singapore markets, the beauty of the Gobi desert in winter or the remnants of an old pier on Rottnest Island. Each day adds to her understanding and appreciation of the land.

She recently spent three months exploring British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska, gathering material  to develop a body of work for her next exhibition. Kimberley has taken up residence in Vancouver to prepare this body of work for a Vancouver based exhibition. While this work is being prepared she is determined to continue her explorations of the wonderful Canadian landscape.

Kimberley hopes the new body of work will contain the same feeling and love that she has for the Northern Australia landscape. If you would like to follow her journey, images (photos) gathered along the way can be found on Instagram:  kimberley.adventures 

The date and location of the next exhibition has yet to determined but her Instagram site will feature some of the paintings in the lead up to the Vancouver exhibition: kimberleykohan Please check back from time to time.

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